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Our Story

Pedro’s Kitchen offers the New Hartford area a taste of traditional Mexican cuisine. When Debbie met Pedro, she immediately recognized his skillful ability to prepare authentic Mexican dishes. Pedro had always dreamed of running his own restaurant, and when the opportunity presented itself, the married couple opened the first Pedro's Kitchen in Vernon. Before you knew it, Pedro was preparing hot and fresh Mexican dishes for hungry guests seven days a week! Two years later, the restaurant relocated to New Hartford, where it stands today. 

Upon entering Pedro’s, your senses will be overwhelmed by the smell, sound, and sight of our genuine Mexican restaurant’s cooking, music, and décor including serapes, sombreros, and a wall-sized mural hand-painted by a local artist. When you are seated, you will promptly be served homemade tortilla chips and salsa by your server. We serve authentic Mexican dishes ranging from the basic enchiladas and tacos to exquisite options such as chimichangas and carnitas. Our dessert options include fried ice cream, chimicheesecake, and churros. We have a full service bar that includes over a dozen different beers, wines, and the freshest margaritas around. We also serve an assorted menu of mixed drinks. Come visit Pedro’s Kitchen today, you won't leave hungry!